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 PinoyForumZZ Rules/Regulations

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PostSubject: PinoyForumZZ Rules/Regulations   Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:23 am

This forum is made publicly available for the community in order to provide a valuable resource for.
In order to keep this forum a valuable resource, we require all forum members to abide by the rules.

1/No advertising unless you have submitted permission.

2/Profanity and discriminatory remarks are not tolerated.

3/Inflammatory remarks, intended to hurt or offend a member and/or moderator, are not tolerated.

4/ No posting Copyrighted or Trademarked material (without permission of the owner).

5/• Pornography, warez and illegal content may not be linked from this forum.

6/The forum is not an acceptable channel to report software bugs. If you find a reproducible bug in your storefront, please submit a “bug report” from your panel.

7/Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts. If you have experienced abusive behavior from a community member, please inform a Admin/Forum Moderator.
8/If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these rules, please contact the forum moderator team or the project team members.

9/Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes saying anything out of hate or to hurt or cut down other people or in a sarcastic demeaning way. If you come to our forums with the sole intent to be aggressive, for whatever reason, your account may be locked out or ban w/ no notice.

10/All topics which start to turn into heated debates (where arguments are apparent, where sides start slamming each other and disrespect is apparent) will be locked.

11/Spamming is prohibited and all such posts are subject to being deleted.

12/Posts in the wrong category will be moved directly or deleted without notice.

13/If you feel that the forum needs a new rule to deal with this situation, contact the admin directly.

14/Posts with emoticons, links, videos and codes will be automatically deleted if it is considered as spam or no relativity to the topic.

15/Follow these rules and use this forum as a friendly message board site.

16/Please make use of all the things around the forum such as the Usergroups and Profile managing.

This forum is still new/evolving we may have overlooked something important when outlining the rules.

General Forum Etiquette:

1. DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS - it looks like you're shouting!
2. Be respectful of other board members views and opinions.

Rules for moderators:

1. When a post is reported, validate that a rule has been broken. If a rule was broken, decide whether to settle the matter via PM, locking mechanism, or deletion of the entire post.
How do I know what action to take?
* If this is a first time offense by a contributing member of the forum, it's likely the poster didn't realize they were breaking a rule. Most users are happy to obey the rules if they understand them, start by giving the user the benefit of the doubt. Send them a PM explaining the rule to them and give them the chance to explain themselves and/or let them correct the mistake (if necessary). Don't forget to email the admin with a copy of your PM - so we have a record of what action was taken to resolve the issue.
* If there is a heated debate and things are getting out of hand - locking the post is acceptable to end the drama.
* If the post is completely unacceptable and letting people read it is detrimental to the community, then it must be deleted. This is the most extreme situation and is used as a last resort.
Examples of when a post needs to be deleted include (but are not limited to):
A member posts an advertisement on the brides only board - this is a clear violation, and will hurt the members reputation as well as stlwed's reputation as an unbiased resource - this must be deleted ASAP to avoid damaging reputations.
o A newbie joins the board, and one of their first posts is aggressive or to stir up drama... if it's clear the person only joined the forum to stir up drama, then its safe to delete the post.
If deleting a post, copy and paste the entire post (including the username of the poster and date/timestamp of post) in an email to the admin before actually deleting the post.

2. If asked to lock or delete anything not in direct violation of the rules, no action is to be taken.
3. If asked to lock or delete anything via PM or email, remind the user to use the report post mechanism so we have records of what happened when - do not take any action until there's an official report against the post

Violating any of these rules, may result in having your post(s) deleted and/or termination of your account.

We reserve the right to edit/update these rules at any time without notice..

Thank you and happy posting ...!!!

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PostSubject: Re: PinoyForumZZ Rules/Regulations   Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:21 am

Hope you understand the rules and may mean very useful to you.

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PinoyForumZZ Rules/Regulations
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